Paladin Update – 64

I dinged level 64 last night—I spent a little more time than I wanted to getting those last 5 or so bubbles. I finished off the last of the Zangarmarsh quests in my log—that put me at about 25k from 64. I picked up some more quests from the troll village, but I just wanted to get things done as quickly as possible, and I certainly didn’t want to travel across the map just for 25k in XP.

Luckily, I killed a Marsh Walker who dropped the final Fertile Spore I needed for the Sporeggar quest, and combined with killing some giant crab, Terrorcrab or something, that put me at about 3,000 XP from 64. Three Marsh Slicers later, I dinged.

I took a look at my gear . . . pretty much all quest blues and greens with the exception of a neck piece I picked up from a disastrous run through Blood Furnace (the first and only Outlands instance I’ve run). I realized picked up a lot of warrior DPS gear questing through Zangarmarsh. All that DPS gear just sitting in my bag doing nothing.

It was at this point, I decided I should respec to Retribution.

I haven’t actually done it yet. I logged almost immediately after hitting 64. Plus there are a couple of elite group quests I still have from Hellfire Peninsula that I figure I should get done first. AND I figure I’ll need to be prot spec when I run UD Strat for the final Pally Mount quest. Oh, and I need a sick 2 hander. And I’ll probably need more gold to cover the cost of a respec and talent points.

Hmm, maybe going Ret isn’t such a great idea.

I definitely want to try running as a Ret Pally. I played a Ret Pally on the Arena PTR and I had a lot of fun. You definitely have a lot of options going into a fight. I figure at the very least, I can run though 64-65 spec’d ret. I think my gear is up for it—especially the slotted pieces I picked up through quests. Purchase a few gems and a big 2H Sword and I should have too much of a problem.

My only real concern is the survivability I’m trading for DPS. One of my favorite aspects of running as a Prot spec pally is how hard I am to kill. I really hate dying in this game because it is a huge waste of time, so I try to minimize risk as much as I can. Being a Protection Paladin, I know that I can survive 99% of the situations I get myself into.

ANYWAYS, short update, since I really didn’t do much. My next goal is 65, which I doubt I’ll hit anytime during the week. But I’m hoping to be at least halfway to 66 by Monday.


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