Paladin Update – Level 63

(I meant to post this late Monday afternoon, but was distracted by RL errands).

I spent a good chunk of my Sunday leveling in Zangarmarsh. All in all, I’m about 5 or so bubbles from 64. Not bad, and with the money I earned questing, I was finally able to purchase all the reagents for the Paladin epic mount quest. Yes, I do not have an epic mount. And yes, it is embarrassing to be a level 63 pally still riding a level 40 mount.

I don’t know if it’s a good thing or a bad thing that world PVP is almost non-existent in WoW anymore. I suppose it’s a good thing, being a protection spec Paladin and all. Most encounters are either me getting blown up in the first couple of seconds, or long, stretched out battles. My DPS is pathetic. Having previously played a Rouge and Warrior, not being able to dole out “da sick DPS” is not something I’m used to.

I was down near the Spawning Glen trying to finish some quests, and I found it infested with Alliance. Like I said, a lack of world PVP has its benefits, as I was able to get my quests done with no interaction from the allys, with the exception of a 62 Dwarf warrior who helped me take down a bog lord. I guess most people still questing are in the same boat as me—they just want to get to 70 as quickly as possible with no distractions.

I think this is my real problem with the current state of WoW. Everyone just wants to get to 70 as quickly as possible. I can’t say I blame them; it’s what I want myself. But it really makes those previous 69 levels a real pain in the ass. I can’t even do BGs because of the way the level groups are structured. There is no point in hopping into an AV or AB queue when I’m just going to get lit up by level 69s. So I just gotta grin and bear it for the next 7 levels.

This really is a stark contrast from the first character I leveled to 60—my undead Rogue. I was in a pretty well populated guild, and we always found ways to have a good time. Even when I was level 30, I could still have fun and PVP with my guild mates. We actually had guild events and made raids on alliance cities. The best time I’ve had in WoW was a PVP raid through the Night Elf starting area. I was probably only level 40 at the time, and even though my damage was crap and died continually from guards, I still had fun. Even the epic Crossroads and Southshore battles were good times.

Things are a lot different now. Guild events and city raids and all that stuff is pretty much gone. And it’s no one’s fault. There just isn’t any real reward for that kind of thing. Cities themselves are pretty much ghost towns at this point.

ANYWAYS, enough nostalgia.

Getting back to my Paladin, I did mostly quest solo, but I did group up for a couple of quests with a 62 Hunter. My survivability plus his DPS made quick work of mobs, even though the quest item drop rate was really low.

Grouping as a Paladin can be very frustrating, because most people don’t know how the class works. Doubly so for a Protection spec pally. In my ideal world, I’d pull 5 or 6 mobs and take them on normally, while the DPS class takes down my target and my seal/judgment of light keeps us healed. But most people don’t have the patience and just tend to take on the target themselves, and wonder why I’m not holding agro or doing significant damage.

This is kind of a silly way to group, since it means I either have to heal or DPS. My healing/mana is pretty weak, being that I’m protection spec at all, so I’m constantly drinking up if I try to play as a dedicated healer. Then to top it off, if I do want to hold aggro, I switch to Seal of Righteousness, which means I don’t get the healing benefits of Seal of Light. Either the Paladin’s tanking mechanics are wrong, or the group play-style is wrong. Considering the number of successful Pally tanks, I’m pretty sure that just means me and my group are playing wrong.

This is a big reason I don’t run instances. You have to manage too many egos, all while making sure everyone is playing their class correctly. Most players just want to rush through an instance and do “sum sick DPS.” I’m not saying DPS classes are always the problem, but having played both as a tank and as a DPS class—I’ve seen way more terrible DPS class players than terrible tanks. And having played as both a Warrior and Paladin tank, I think this is pretty much why you see such a shortage of tanks in the game, nowadays. It’s not L2P, its L2GROUP. Each member of a successful group knows not only their role, but the roles of everyone in the group. They know what they themselves should be doing as well as what everyone else in the group should be doing.

I’m going off the deep end now, but as someone who has just started a career in production, I guess group in WoW is a lot like being a producer. You have to see the big picture and know what everyone is doing. You have to know how each team member works and what you can do to support them. That’s my “SERIOUS BUSINESS” moment for the day.

So, with about 5 bubbles left, I’m pretty confident I could hit 64 tonight. Ideally though, I’d like to finish off this quest for the Pally mount. But, since no one I know plays on Tich anymore, that’s easier said than done. I’m really considering moving to a new server at this point. Trying to go at this completely fresh with no help from a 70 is just too hard for a casual player like myself who can only play on a limited schedule.


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