Paladin Update – Ret Regret

Switching to Retribution was definately not one of the smartest moves I’ve made. Questing through Terrokar was . . . an experience.

Problem #1 – Weapon Skill

Ret Talents

Like I previously mentioned, my 2H Axe skill was pretty low. I put a dent in the deficit running SM. But even at 290, I was not prepared for Outlands mobs. It was very rough going. The random level 70 alliance gankers didn’t make things much easier.

I can’t say I’m a fan of Weapon Skill. As a casual player, it only hinders my progress. When you play 2 hours a night, having to spend time leveling up your weapon skill is painful. There are a couple of tricks to speeding this up. For example, as a paladin, running a low level instance with Seal of Crusader up can speed things up. And as a Protection Pally, sitting in a pit of fire to proc Reckoning is a good idea. I guess Weapon skill makes sense, since at any given time, people are only playing with the best weapons available to them, so there isn’t much switching. I suppose.

Problem #2 – Gear

I need better gear. I have good Protection Gear. I have decent healing gear. DPS gear? Not so much. The main problem for me is that I’m not 100% sure which stats to focus on. I went mostly for STR, AGI, and STAM, at the expense of my mana pool.

As a prot pally, I’m used to running full health and mana, even after a fight. I’m out of my comfort zone when my mana drops below 20%. I definately need to get used to that.

But my gear in general needs work. I’ve picked up a few Terrokar quests with some decent DPS rewards which should help.


I’m not completely sold on Retribution. The increased DPS is great, but when compared to the survivability I’ve given up, I’m not completely sure it’s worth it to me.

After playing Prot, I just can’t deal with the downtime and cost of having to drink after 3 fights.  I’m going to stick with Ret to 65, but I’m most likely going back to Protection at that point.  Of course this is a all par for the course, as I’m going holy once I hit 70.

BUT, I did manage to get about 2/5 of the way through 64 after only playing 2 hours last night.  I’m not sure I could have done that as a Protection spec Paladin.


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