Paladin Update – 66 and an EPIC MOUNT

I didn’t think I could do it. Time was against me as I raced through the place that had become known as the “Blood Furnace.” But through my unwavering faith in the Light, I brought Judgment to the corrupted. And I also hit 66. Ding.

I manage to hit my goal this weekend of cracking level 66. I was really surprised, since I didn’t even play Sunday. I also managed to FINALLY complete my EPIC MOUNT quest (which couldn’t have been done without the help of a fellow Paladin—a level 70 protection spec pally who’s single handed decimation of UD Strat was inspiring.)

Friday, I didn’t play much. I caught a showing of THE DARK KNIGHT (really good) with some friends. I got home really late, but I don’t sleep weekends, so I played a couple of hours. I actually ran Ramparts with a group! SHOCKING! Its pretty much all I did that night.

I’ve had never actually run Ramparts, and I figured I’d finish up the quest for the Shoulders. At 64, I was pretty high level for the instance. The rest of our group was about 60-61, with a 61 druid tank and a 61 druid healer. I got a little nervous when I took a look at the Druid tank’s gear, but he did a great job. We did wipe once due to an errant pull, but it wasn’t really a problem.

My only complaints were the two rogues that joined our group. Our warlock DC’d before we entered the instance, so we quickly replaced him with a level 65 or so Rogue. He takes a look at the rest of our group and says “eh, too much leather,” and quits. This is the kind of stupidity I hate dealing with, so I guess it’s a good thing he left. Worrying about your gear at level 63 is stupid, and he missed a easy opportunity to get some decent XP, with the way we were burning down the instance. The other Rogue in our group was also kind of a jerk, caring more about damage meters than anything else. He picked up a great 1H sword, then promptly quit the group shortly after. WoW isn’t a priority in my life, so I can’t blame him for leaving if he didn’t want to play, but there are ways of doing things without being a jerk. After we wiped, he waited for the rest of us to return to rez him. It took about 5 minutes for him to accept my rez, and then he hearths out without saying a word. Luckily we replaced him with a decked out Shaman.

By the end of the night, I had dinged 65, got about ¼ of the way to 66 and picked up a Hellreaver. I was the only person who could use Polearms in the group, and I hadn’t gotten any drops thus far, so everyone suggested I should take it. Overall, it’s a pretty cool looking weapon (I wish I had it on my warrior), but I think my 2H Axe does a little bit better damage. Once I hit 70, I’ll definitely make sure to try and get this for my warrior.

Saturday was another good day. I played pretty sporadically, I think about 8 hours total, but broken up throughout the day. The first thing I did was complete my EPIC MOUNT quest. As I mentioned a level 70 Prot Pally helped me get it done.

I finished off some quests in Terrokar, and then did a run through of Blood Furnace. The group as a whole was pretty high level for the instance, the lowest level member being our 61 Warrior tank. I lucked out this weekend, because I got to group with some GREAT tanks. This guy did a great job, keeping up aggro even with a group that had a 65 ret pally, 64 feral druid, 65 warlock, and a 67 priest healing. We burned through that instance REALLY quickly. I didn’t get any drops, but after completing the instance and turing in the related quests, I was about 2 ½ bars from 66. I ran The Vengeful Harbinger with a druid and hit 66 with the turn in.

Overall, a great weekend, and I didn’t even need to play Sunday. Hit my level goal, made some friends (including some great tanks), and finally got my EPIC MOUNT. I’m aiming for 67 by the end of this week, and hopefully I’ll have the same success.


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