Paladin Update – 67 and Gankin’ Fools

Uneventful weekend. Hit 67, no problem. Sitting at about 8 bars from 68. Will probably hit 68 on Tuesday or Wednesday. 69 on Friday. 70 on Saturday.

I’m still a little intimidated by Nagrand. I hate having a full quest log, and it seems like I can’t make any visible progress. Running around with a full quest log all the time is very annoying to me. At least when I’m out of quests, I know I’m ready to move on.

I struggled through Nagrand at 66. My gear is decent, but I’m still rocking pieces that are 63-65 level. My armor is pretty low, so I’m getting my shit rocked by melee mobs. I have to drink up after 2 fights. Not a good situation when Alliance gank patrols are constantly roaming.

Sweetness Moment– I’m killing Windroc’s for the mastery quest. Level 66. I’m at about half health. I just finish blowing out a mob when I get hit by a serpent sting. A level 70 night elf hunter. Fight plays out as follows:

I cleanse to remove serpent. At this point, I’m about ½ Health and ¾ mana. I attack, but initially panic (very bad thing) and judge a rank 1 SoComm on him by mistake. Luckily, he’s at about ½ health himself and has no pet. Otherwise this would have been a quick fight in his favor. I attack with a Crusader strike for about 600 damage. We fight it out a bit until he gets me to about ¼ health, at which point, I bubble. I use Holy Light to bring my health up (first aid was down). I believe his mistake at this point was he continued to try to melee me, instead of getting to range. Once my bubble drops, I hit him with a Hammer of Justice and judge Seal of Command on him for big damage. I then get a pair of big crits with Crusader Strike and a SoComm proc. He’s getting low on health. My first aid comes back, and I quickly hit him with Repentance and bandage. I judge him with Crusader and SoComm procs again for some big damage and he dies.

I killed a level 70, dawg.

I was very gracious about it, saluting him before I took off. I didn’t want to stick around, because I knew it was a VERY LUCKY break and 99% of the time he’s going to dismantle me. This time, however, while we both made mistakes, his wore more critical than mine.

I did get a little cocky and tried to attack a 70 Mage later on in the day, and was quickly demolished. Keeps you humble.

Other than that, I managed to pick up an Arkadian Claymore and Avenger’s Waistguard from the vendors in Halaa. There was a pretty epic battle for Halaa this morning which got me the 20 marks I needed.


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