Got sick so I didn’t work. Played some WoW. I actually like my job, so this was kind of lame, but gave me an opportunity to GSD.

I hit 68 running Slave Pens and Underbog. I decided to respect as a SHOCKADIN for some HOLY LIGHT HEALIN, DAWG. My current spec is THIS with the next 2 points going to Eye for an Eye and Sanctity Aura. I’m sitting at about 400 spellpower and 500 healing (with Holy Guidance) and while it’s pretty low, I really love this build. I spent the majority of the day healing in Battlegrounds, and while I had to deal with some idiots, it was fun to play as a PVP healer. Putting talent points into Retribution instead of Protection means this isn’t the ideal PVP healer build (you miss out on a lot of utility talents like Blessing of Kings) but it means I can heal pretty effectively and still do some decent damage.

And I was pleasantly surprised by the damage output of this build. From what I read, this build doesn’t start to shine until you hit ~600 spellpower, but I had no trouble questing in Nagrand with this build. It’s not as fast as Retribution, but it’s certainly faster than Protection. AND you have nice survivability, as I was able to take on 3+ mobs at a time with no problems. Your main damage output is coming from Seal of Righteousness, and so even though my mace skill was low, I was still outputting damage. I’m anxious to see this build when I hit 600 spellpower and my physical attacks aren’t glancing blows.

I’m running around with Blessing of Wisdom for increased mana, and either Retribution or Concentration aura up. I usually keep up Retribution while I’m fighting, then switch to Concentration when I need to heal. Once I pickup Sanctity Aura, I’ll be using that almost exclusively while questing.

As far as combat cycle: Judge Crusader, Seal of Righteousness, go to town with some hot 1H Mace action, then throw in some Judgments and maybe a HOLY SHOCK. If there are multiple mobs, I will also drop Consecration, which does about 103 damage per tick with my increased spellpower.

Using this cycle, mana isn’t too much of an issue, since I have a much bigger pool to work with. Even pulling off multiple heals and holy spells, I don’t blow through my mana like I did as Ret.

Overall, I’m VERY HAPPY with this build. And I’m planning on sticking with it for a while. My plan is to use it to farm and run BGs, until I have enough honor for S2 Arena gear, at which point I switch to a pure healing build.


One Response to Paladin Update – HOLY PVP HEALING, BATMAN!

  1. HighLordSkie says:

    Once your hit 70 and go for that “Pure healing” build you wanna work with at least in pvp and in my opinion in general the 41/20/0 giving yourself a much needed room for other things. This gives you kings, bettern con aura, rightous fury which reduces damage taken for pvp {please dont use it during pve you will pull} Give it a look over and try it out i went to this build and ive loved it.

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