69 DUDE!

My goal was only to get ¾ of the way through 68, but once I turned in my quests, I had like 2 ½ bars to go, so I just said F’ it and hit 69.

This puts me in somewhat of a precarious position, since I’m not really 100% sure where to go from here. Questing is HARD. I had a really tough time in Shadowmoon Valley. I tried leveling in Blade’s Edge, but for some reason there were only like, 4 quests at Thunderforge Hold or whatever it’s called. PLUS, I’m only at about 484 spell damage as well, so my shit is FUCKED son.

I guess a good plan would be running instances, since the only instances I’ve done in Outlands are Ramparts, Blood Furnace, Underbog and Slave Pens. I still need a shitload of rep to hit honored with a couple of factions. AND I think this would give me some good healing practice. The only problem is I still need about 279 gold for my flying mount, and questing would probably net me more CASH.

ALSO, I think I’m gonna stay at 69 and run BGs until I earn enough honor for the S2 healing mace. I’m about halfway there. I’m probably going to pick up the Crusader’s Ornamented Battlegear since it’s easy to get and combined with the S2 healing mace should give me decent enough gear to start doing Level 70 BGs. THEN, once I have enough honor for more S2 pieces, I’ll see if I can start running with my dawgs in the arena. I’ve got 3 people who are willing to team up with me, a Warlock, a Warrior, and a Hunter. I haven’t done a lot of strategizing for the arena, but I’d definitely like to get into it before I have to level to 80.

Speaking of Lich King, there is a great article over at Not Addicted that raises some pretty good points about the expansion, and I agree with most of it. I’m not really trying to get geared out at this point, because everything is going to change once WOTLK drops, just like everything changed when TBC dropped. I just want to have my Paladin ready for the grind to 80, and in the meantime, have fun PVPing.

But, after reading that article, I’m thinking I probably should level another character to 70. The easiest character would probably be my 61 Rogue. As the article points out there are a number of really cool looking Rogue talents that might make it interesting. BUT, I’m not 100% sure I want to level another melee class. I’ve never really played a caster in this game, so I’m thinking of leveling a priest or warlock (heck, even a mage). And I have my warrior. You know I’d also like to play a Shaman or a Druid. And I do have a 45 Hunter on another server. Decisions. I will probably go with the Warlock, since they seem to have the coolest changes coming down the pipe. Seems like Warlocks always get the coolest looking gear and abilities now.

ANYWAYS, that’s what’s coming down the pipe. Also, a preview of my next post . . .

I AM A PVP HEALING GOD . . . not really, but I had fun and won some games.


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