Finally hit 70 on my Paladin.

It wasn’t easy. Trying to complete quests as Holy was a challenge. SO, I would up switching to Retribution for the last 10 bars I needed. In my mind, it went faster, and that’s all that matters to me.

When I hit 69, I finished up my quests in Nagrand. At this point I repec’d to a HOLYSHOCK build. I started running BGs heavily. I also did a couple of low-level instance runs so I could get some healing practice. I actually struggled through Underbog, which I’m like 5 levels above at this time. I blame myself, since I’ve on healed in BGs at this point. My +healing is shit at this point.

That was discouraging. I decide to do some more quests. Start in Shadowmoon Valley. Questing is hard; I do little damage and am getting shredded by mobs. I head to Blade’s Edge. Things are easier, but still, trying to level as Holy is taking a long time. I’m over ¼ of the way through 69.

Friday and Saturday, I do heavy BGs again, filled, while I grind Firewing Point for signets. This gets met to honored with Scryer’s and puts me at about half way through 69.

At this point, I recognize things are going VERY SLOW, so I pony up the gold and respect to Retribution. Even with my crappy ret gear, questing feels noticeably easier. I spend my time in Shadowmoon, completing quests till I’m about 5 bars from 70. At this point, Alliance gank patrols are rampant, and I’m being hunted down by groups of 70s on Netherdrakes. Not fun.

I decide to head back to Blade’s Edge and finish up my shit there. I finished up the quests at Mok’Nathal, and at this point I’m counting down after each mob. “I need 5 quests or 50 mobs.”

I finish up 2 quests and head over to turn them in. I turn in the first and I’m less than 1000 XP from 70. I’m now standing at Leoroxx, about to turn in “Slay the Brood Mother.” The anticipation . . . this quest will put me over the top. I click “Complete Quest” and . . . Your inventory is full. MOTHERFUCKER!

ANYWAYS, so I hit 70, and the first thing I do is go back and respect HOLY SHOCK. I’ll probably maintain this build for a while, at least until I farm the remaining 300 gold I need for a flying mount (I only needed 150g, but would up dropping 100g on lvl 70 talents, a respec, and a couple of pieces of gear.)

As a new level 70, I’m SHAMEFULLY under-geared. I’m sitting at +690 healing, +475 spell damage, 7k Health and 8k intellect. Not good. Horrible, actually.

My first upgrade is going to be the S2 gladiator’s healing mace. Currently need about 3000 more honor. I think the Mace will give me the most significant upgrade at this point . . . nearly doubling my +healing. With more +Healing, I’ll be a much more effective healer in groups.

These next couple of weeks are just going to be about running daily PVP and questing in Netherstorm and Shadowmoon for gold.

I could really use some suggestions on gearing up, particularly since I’m not planning on running TOO many instances, and will probably see ZERO raid content. I’m mostly looking for gear obtainable through rep, PVP, quests, or shit I can buy. I think once I get my mace, my next priority is getting my health and mana up, followed by increasing Resilience. But again, I’m very new to this.

I also joined a guild that I may or may not stay with. It seems like mostly a leveling guild, but there are plans to raid Kara this weekend. BUT, I think I’d have more fun with a PVP guild. Add to that I’ve got 3 different friends on 3 different servers who I would like to play with, and I’m not sure where to go. Plus, I have to start thinking about the expansion, and finding people who I can group up with to hit 80!

Oh and there is another game, a small title called WARHAMMER ONLINE coming out soon that I might play. Decisions.


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  1. Bud says:

    If you dont plan on running too many instances check the loot tables for gear, and go to that instance when you do feel like doing one, you may get lucky and have a nice upgrade.

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