PVP – Lessons Learned

Healing mace has been acquired. I am now the owner of a brand new Merciless Gladiator’s Salvation. This makes me very happy, as my +healing is now over 1000. It’s not much, not by a long shot, but for a casual player like me, it’s a good start.

I hit 70 on Sunday, and needed what I thought was about 5000 honor to get my mace. So I did A LOT of AV as a complete shit Holy Paladin and got the points I needed. Or so I thought.

Turns out, for some unknown reason (i.e. I’m a dumbass who doesn’t pay attention to anything) I thought the S2 healing mace cost 22500 Honor and 20 Eye of the Storm Tokens. As it turns out, the S2 healing mace actually costs 25200 honor and 20 Eye of the Storm tokens. FUCKIN’ BLIZZARD IS SCREWING OVER THE FANS. At that point, the only thing I could say was “Oh fuck this!” I quit out and went to bed at that point.

So last night, I got the points I needed, after many, many games of AV and AB. Here are some life lessons I’ve learned:

  1. I’m not as good as I think I am – I’ve been playing this game for YEARS now, and I still make n00b mistakes. Like forgetting to switch from Crusader aura to Concentration aura when I get dismounted by a hunter who’s pet is going to town on me. WHY IS MY HOLY LIGHT NOT DOING ANYTHING?
  2. I fail to learn from my own mistakes – Yes, even as a healer I tend to suffer from TUNNEL VISION. I sometimes get so wrapped up looking at health bars, I don’t notice that I’m being stunned or interrupted. Heck, I even forget to check my own health sometimes. Again, WHY IS MY HOLY LIGHT NOT DOING ANYTHING?
  3. Some players aren’t worth healing – This is kind of a dick move, but I sometimes waste my mana healing up players I don’t realize I shouldn’t be healing. This was more of a problem in the 69-60 bracket, but it still occurs on occasion in AV games. Dropping Holy Lights continuously on a level 61 rogue up against a S3 geared Warrior isn’t going to win the game.
  4. A Healer is only as good as the people he heals – This ties into the above, but I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to expend all your mana healing someone who can’t kill anyone. I’m a loyal guy, sometimes to a fault, so when I happen upon a friendly getting lit up at a flag by 5 alliance, I start tossing up heals. Yes, I know we are both going to die, but I figure, at least we’ll take some Alliance scum to hell with us (or at least to the Blacksmith Graveyard or whatever). To rez up and discover your teammate didn’t kill a single enemy is discouraging, to say the least.
  5. Keep up or DIE – PVP, especially large group PVP moves fast. Sometimes too fast. Like, so fast I don’t even know WTF killed me. All of a sudden, my health just DROPS. Usually there is a mage nearby or something. This is probably the thing I struggle with most in WoW or any game really. I know there are a number of Combat Log add-ons that give you a breakdown of what happens in a raid, but I’d love to have one for PVP. To be able to go back and see what I got hit with, who hit me, and how much damage it did would be INVALUABLE.

Overall, I think I’m improving as a healer, and games are most fun when I have a good player to heal. I think I need to pickup FRAPS or something and start recording games. I’ve been playing with a lot of good players, and I’d love to get footage of how they play. I’d really love to see Blizzard include some instant replay feature or some kind of spectator feature, especially for Arena tournament games and such.

I don’t watch a lot of PVP videos, but maybe I should start. The only problem for me is that these videos tend to focus on big numbers, and don’t really help me improve my own game. Sweet, your Crusader strike can crit for 5 million damage . . . hey all I need to do is get S4 gear!

This is probably one of the reasons open world ganking is so frustrating for me, because there’s not really anything I can learn from it. All I see is a body fall from the sky, and a bunch of numbers flash across my screen.

Maybe the solution is jus to ditch all the stock ticker on-screen numbers crap and get back to the basics. Simplify my UI. That will be my experiment for the rest of the week.


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