Blizzcon, Community and In Game Goals

Yesterday, I said I felt bad for people who couldn’t get tickets to Blizzcon. But, they really know how take things to a ‘HO NUTHA LEVEL.

It’s reached a point where people are overreacting about this whole situation. There are multiple “F**K U BLIZZ” threads. There are multiple, “Let’s take legal action against BLIZZARD!” threads. Everyone is posting their sob story about how Blizzard ruined their Christmas because all they wanted in the world was a little peace, hope, and Blizzcon “goodies.”

Reading the forums, most threads come across as some dude who just found out his girlfriend was cheating on him. Nearly every thread I saw last night was titled something like “Blizzard, we need to talk,” or “Blizzard, I’m so hurt and disappointed.”

And of course, this means everyone who did get a ticket has to act like the dick new boyfriend. “Tough luck, should have tried harder.” “Better luck next year, CHUMP” “Don’t worry, I’m gonna take REAL good care of Blizzard at the con this year. Maybe I’ll send you a postcard.”

And of course, the reason most people are disappointed is they aren’t getting free crap. “Blizzard, I’m a cancer survivor, and the only thing that kept me going was the hope that I would see my next Blizzcon and get a goody bag. But now . . . I don’t have anything left in me.” No joke.

This is kind of the reason I normally don’t get involved with video game community crap like this. In fact, this whole experience really makes me question why I want to hang out at a convention filled with a bunch of spoiled, arrogant jerks with a false sense of entitlement.

When you read message boards and blog comments and all that crap, it’s hard to imagine why anyone would want to develop a product for the “gamer” audience. The first job I had in the industry one of my (unofficial) duties was handling community management. It was basically my job to keep an eye out for any issues people were reporting on the forums and make sure these issues were known by the dev team. The amount of hatred and bile I had to read was incredible. (Even more incredible was that most people were looking for dev support on pirated copies of the game. That developer is no longer around.)

Yesterday, I said Blizzard had poor customer service. I now think I was very wrong about that. Understandably so, I’m not a part of that company so I can’t see their big picture. Blizzard realizes that the people complaining represent such a small minority that there is no reason to issue an apology or give away free subscriptions or whatever else the “community” wants for free because they feel they “wasted” their time. From my highly scientific study, most people I’ve talked to had no intention of going to Blizzcon and even fewer knew about the “fiasco” that was occurring with ticket sales. No one in my guild is going, and no one in my office (about 75% of which is WoW players) even knew tickets were on sale. When I explained the whole situation to a design intern (who plays a Warrior and Priest), his only reaction was “that kind of sucks.”

ANYWAYS, turning to actual in-game content . . .

I’m not sure where I stand with my Paladin. I love PVP healing, but I absolutely dread the idea of healing in instances and RAIDS. I just get so worked up that I’m going to cause my group to wipe that I get real nervous even thinking about healing in PVE.

I have a lot more respect for PVE players now. Everyone always goes “oh, PVE is easy mode it’s all scripted, blah blah blah” but the truth is, at least for a healer, there is so much more pressure on you to perform well. Sure, I heal during BGs, but what is the penalty for me fucking up? Me and the guy I’m healing die. Then what? We res in 30 seconds and go back into it. But if you fuck up during a RAID, you can wipe your entire group, which can in turn ruin an entire instance run.

So where do I go? I LOVE PVP healing, but I’m making such slow progression. It doesn’t help that I play in nothing  PUGs with people who have no sense of strategy or tactics. The only way Horde wins games is through pure brute force. Throw enough DPS at the enemy and hope to god you win.

I’m at a really shitty point right now. I can’t join a premade because I’m so under geared, but I can’t get geared because I’m not in a premade. I think this is where I transfer.


2 Responses to Blizzcon, Community and In Game Goals

  1. chimpchimpo says:

    Love the post. Healing PvE, expecially as a paladin, is a whole other ballgame. So don’t feel bad about being a little intimadated by it. And on my Battlegroup it seems Horde win 70% of the pug BGs. But I can’t be sure if that’s a grass is greener thing.

  2. Quickoats says:

    From my experience it depends on the BG. Horde win AB and EOTS about 70% of the time, lose WSG about 70% of the time, and AV is about even.

    I usually get the best results looking for the hunter/rogue/warrior in full s2/s3 and keep them up.

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