0 for 5

I haven’t been PVPing that much lately. Even though I still need about 62,000 more honor points for all the gear I want/need. Awesome.

I’m just sick of losing BGs.

Yesterday’s BG daily was WSG. Normally I avoid WSG like the plague. But, I decided I was going to get that quest done.

I logged off and went to watch some TV after I went 0-5 on WSG.

I made a number of costly mistakes, and I don’t think I contributed to my teams as much as I could have. But I’m improving. However, I think I might have reached the limit of how much I can learn doing PUG groups. I rarely see other Holy Paladins anymore, and even still, I’m usually at the top of the “Healing Done” chart. I know that doesn’t mean anything really, BUT, if I’m the only one on my team healing, who am I supposed to look to for advice/guidance.

So I’m looking for two things:

A BG premade team – A support player is only as good as the people he supports. I’d really like to be able to play with a set team. I’m looking for an opportunity to learn proper strategy and working with a team.

HOLY Paladin Mentor – Someone who can show me how to maximize my game as a Holy Paladin.

If anyone on Tichondrius is looking for a Holy Paladin for PVP, let me know J

I’m determined to stick with this though. This has happened to me before on every character I’ve played. At some point, I just get so discouraged because I’m not “pwning face” in BGs that I go, “man, XXXXXX class sucks, I’m rolling a XXXXXXX.” So even though Druids are totally awesome, I’m not going to do it. I’m going to stick it out. Because running to another class has gotten me nowhere in the past.


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