PVP, Downranking, Hitting Goals

I respec’d to the standard PVP healing cookie cutter build last night. No more SHOCKADIN L. I’m really feeling the lack of DPS when I do my dailies, but at this point, I need all the survivability I can get from the protection tree.

This really kills my DPS, but I feel like I’m not going to get anywhere unless I make a full commitment to achieving my goal. I think my next step is finding a real PVP guild that I can group up to do BGs with. The guild I’m currently in has some friendly players, but I’m just not interested in running Kara. I need to play with people who are more focused on PVP.

I’m hesitant to transfer servers, even though I have 3 possible servers to play on, with 3 RL friends who also do PVP. I think part of it is just me buying into the whole hype of “BG9.”

Downranking is big news these days. I don’t have much to say about it myself (for better analysis, check out http://www.worldofmatticus.com/2008/08/14/beta-the-dawning-of-the-death-of-downranking/ for info on that).

The only thing I can contribute to the DOWNRANKING discussion is that for the past couple of weeks, I’ve been using Rank 10 Holy Light and Rank 6 Flash of Light (as opposed to Rank 11 and Rank 7). Of course, this is only because I am a fucking n00b who didn’t update his Clique settings when he hit 70 and trained new ranks. (Clique + Grid FTW).

I’m happy that I realized this because I was wondering why I wasn’t healing for that much, LOL. But I’m worried because now my pitiful mana pool will run out even faster.

I also decided to level up my 42 Hunter. He’s on a different server than my Paladin though, and currently has 1g to his name. As you can see, I’m going to need to transfer him. However, this goes back to my original problem of figuring out where I want to transfer.

So, my current GOALS:

  1. Find a PVP guild who is looking for a n00b Holy Paladin (order of preference Tichondrius > BG9 > Other servers). If I can’t find a guild by the end of the month, I will transfer.
  2. Level my 42 Hunter for the expansion. I took a look at the various options I had, and I decided that I wanted to play a ranged DPS class. Ranged because I primarily played melee in the past. And DPS cause I’m fucking sick of getting GANKED.
  3. Buy a flying mount. Yeah

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