A Good Weekend (Crunch Time and Flying Mounts)

It’s currently crunch time at the office, which means sacrificing your weekend to GSD (Get Shit Done). For once, this did not include me. In my current role as a producer, I oversee one aspect of the project we are working on, mostly working with an external developer who makes the majority of our art. The real bottleneck of my workload is waiting for this external developer to send me art files. They are currently about a month behind. This means I have very little work to do right now. So, there was no reason for me to come this weekend.

This is both good and bad. It is good because I had a relaxing weekend. I’m pretty motivated right now to GSD, and as such I’ve been blowing through the few lingering tasks still on my plate. This is bad however, because I am now an “outsider.” Every job I’ve worked in the game industry, crunch time is when a team really comes together. This is because everyone shares a common experience of suffering through long hours, exhausting, and fits of insanity. My favorite memories of past jobs are the result of crazy things we’ve done during crunch time. You don’t know true suffering until its 5am and you realize you’ve been quoting Street Fighter: The Movie for the past 6 hours.

I didn’t do much this weekend, again, because I wanted to take it easy and recharge my batteries. This means I didn’t play much WoW. I did however, earn enough honor for the S2 healing plate chest piece. And my flying mount.

I added up all the gold I currently had on my main and alts, and it came out to EXACTLY 900g 1s 47c. I had to sell some stacks of netherweave to finance the flight to Shadowmoon. BUT, a 3 minute ride later, and I was cruising on my flying mount.

Flying mounts are AWESOME. There is something very cool and very satisfying about being able to fly around the world. Flying to previously unreachable areas is really cool and gives a great sense of freedom. In all honesty, I will most likely never own an EPIC flying mount. I don’t play enough to earn that kind of money.

I was actually killed on my flying mount, being the giant n00b that I am. The alliance had just taken Halaa, and so I went down there and hovered above them. I thought I was safe, until a priest, warlock, and mage did some skydiving of their own to fuck my shit up. My mistake was not getting out of there once I got DOT’d by the warlock. Instead of just laughed and took the damage. Then I got hit with Shadow Word: Pain by the Priest. At this point, I was trying to find a safe place to dismount and heal up, but a Gnome mage on a Netherdrake caught up to me, dismounted in mid-air, and hit me with an instant and I died.

My new pastime however, is skydiving into Shattrath City and using Divine Shield or Blessing of Protection to save myself from death. Also, I flew onto the Aldor rise and attacked the NPCs there. I think it would be pretty fun to organize a raid to takeout the Aldor leaders, but no one does that kind of stuff anymore.

But yeah, it was a decent weekend, and I’m very much closer to hitting my goals. I’m wondering what the best way to farm honor would be, short of running in a premade. It seems like AV would be the best option, since I seem to earn more honor there than other BGs. Especially since I’ve been on a rather unlucky streak when it comes to losing.


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