Holy Paladin PVP Stuff

So, I was reading a post on WORLD OF MING yesterday. While I don’t really follow the “arena” scene and all the top players and stuff, there’s a lot of good information floating around on GameRiot. Case in point, the above mentioned post.

Amid a bunch of other stuff, was footage of a 2v2 game from Zilea’s perspective. Zilea is a top ranked Holy Paladin. The footage can be downloaded here: http://files.filefront.com/DruidRogueRNGROFLwmv/;11528941;/fileinfo.html. It’s Pally/Rogue (Zilea’s team) vs. a very high rated Rogue/Druid comp.

Overall, I don’t really watch WoW videos because it’s just mostly people showcasing their sick crits and stuff. But in this case it’s a full 12min match from Zilea’s. I can’t say how INVALUABLE this was for me, to see just a normal game from the perspective of a top rated player.  I know a lot of it is just casting Flash of Light (that’s what we do, dawg), but the most interesting things to me are first of all, how he sets up his keybindings (one of my biggest problem areas) and how he handles bad situations and still keeps his partner alive.

I’ve been doing a lot of losing in BGs lately, to the point that I’ve been very frustrated. To the point that I haven’t been playing the past couple of days. But, I was motivated by that video. In fact, I was up pretty late last night trying to get all the games I could in.

I’m looking for more Holy Paladin PVP videos at the moment. I’m hoping someone can point me in the direction of some good ones.

My progress is stalled by 2 things. Playing with PuGs and being undergeared. It’s hard to learn anything when you are getting focus fire’d and taken down in seconds cause you don’t have 10k health. So until I’m on equal ground with other players, I’m not sure how much I can improve.

Farming honor is hard when you play on a limited time schedule. I earned about 3000 honor last night, and I played for about 3 hours. AND that includes turn-ins. I’m not sure if I want to go for the s2 legs or helm next. Either would be a huge upgrade for me. But to get the legplates means I’d probably have to suffer through 20 losses in WSG. I HATE WSG.


3 Responses to Holy Paladin PVP Stuff

  1. HighLordSkie says:

    Ok as a holy Paladin i would sugest this. If your on limited time farming for honor can be trickey. AV is the way to go….look into getting into Premade AV’s its 99% of the time garunttee’ed win with anywhere from 500-1k honor a match. Then add even better honor with it being a AV weekend and your 3 hours brings in a whopping 5-10k honor i know one night during a av weekend in the 3 hours i played i pulled in 12k honor and got my guardians belt. Get those first off. the Guardian and vindictor’s items they are a life saver and a AWSOME way to start your pvp gear. As for video’s like you said its usually showcases on crits and thats about it your video you showed is one fo the best ive seen so far. Good luck.

  2. HighLordSkie says:

    Next find a 5v5 team….get some arena points and save up and get the S4 brutal gloves they require no personal reating and at 1150 arena points they are a steal. After that its all about how you go from their.

  3. Quickoats says:

    Thanks for the advice/tips.

    I haven’t played much these last few days, but I will definitely be spending the majority of my time in AV. I’ve also found that with the increased number of players, I don’t get focus fire’d there as much.

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