Progress Update – Week of 8/24

I didn’t play as much as I thought I would this weekend. In fact, I played FAR LESS than I anticipated. I played for maybe an hour Saturday because, shockingly, I had real life stuff I needed to get done. Sunday, I got a couple of games in, but after being dominated by Alliance in almost every game I played, I got discouraged and threw in the towel after playing for maybe an hour or two.

I make mistakes. But I really think my game has improved from where it was just a few short weeks ago. I’m doing a lot better keeping my teammates alive. The biggest area I need improvement however is keeping myself alive.

I’ve said this before, but I suffer from tunnel vision – I tend to focus on health bars rather than the game unfolding before me. As a result, I sometimes don’t’ notice that I’m not actually getting heals off because I am stunned or silenced or something. Usually, the thing I tend to ignore is my own health bar. At first, my mentality was “keeping the team alive is most important.” Then I realized that if I’m dead, my HPS is zero. I try to be as mobile as I can (for a Paladin) and use Line of Sight to my advantage.

My other big problem is not knowing when to pick my battles. This is a big reason why Sunday was so frustrating to me. I found myself either alone with no support, or going into a fight with inferior numbers. Look, I know there are some players who can take on 4v1 or whatever and come out victorious. But I think 99% of the people who play PUG BGs are not that player. This is why is so stupid for me to see some idiot warrior charging into a flag room with 6 alliance guarding it. This usually ends with more dead horde and him crying in the BG chat about how terrible this group is playing.

Right now I need about 39,949 more honor for all the pieces of gear I want. I earn between 100 – 500 honor a game, for an average of 300 honor per game. At that rate, I figure it will take 134 games to earn the honor. So starting tonight, I’m just going to start counting down games from 134. Its situations like this where I can totally see why people AFK bot. I don’t think I would ever do it, but it is very tempting.


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