Lowtotem.com >> I Like WARHAMMER

September 20, 2008

Quick post of my intial thoughts on Warhammer up over at the new site.

Post Preview:  WARHAMMER is pretty fun.


Lowtotem.com>> The Siren Call of the Game Industry

September 6, 2008
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Even though I’m happy with my current job (for now), I check game industry job sites everyday. I’m also never far from my contacts still working on mainstream titles.

In spite of the fact that where I’m at now, career wise, everything is awesome, a part of me feels like going back. Going back to the long nights, the stress, the tension, and also the fun.

Its no secret that the game industry has some deep rooted quality of life issues. Making games is very demanding of you life. But I think about the good times I’ve had, and its almost worth it. If someone was to offer me an AP position at a mainstream game studio, I’d be a tough decision.

Maybe, just maybe, I’m a glutton for suffering, but when I think back to the days and nights I’ve spent working on games, those were probably some of the best times in my life. I think of the people I’ve met, suffered with, and bonded with during those hours, and I know I’ve made friends for life. And even when morale was at its lowest, someone would always be there to lighten the mood.

Mostly though, I just miss working on games—the kind of games I play. There is just something about knowing I’m working on a title that guys like me are gonna play . . . it makes me proud to have contributed (even if it was just a little bit) to the project.

The current casual game project I’m working on—its an interesting concept. But so far, in execution, it has a lot to be desired. Maybe I’ve just been lucky, but every project I’ve worked on in the game industry has been driven by a desire to produce something awesome. Sure, in every project you have to make sacrifices, but at the end of the day, everyone just wants to make something that is cool.

We make games to draw people to our site to make money. Everyone wants to make money. I want to make money. But, if you’ve ever been in the game industry, at the core of making money is a passion to make fun games.

I miss that.

Braid Thoughts

September 1, 2008

I’ve posted my thoughts on Braid over at the new site (LowTotem.com):


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