New Site, New Name –

August 28, 2008

SO, if you are reading this for whatever reason, please head over to the new and updated site at


Its totally cool, I promise you!


The WowArmory Meta-Game

July 31, 2008

Sometimes when I get bored, I search for fun.

First I do the stalker thing and look up friends/players I’ve lost contact with. If the last updated is recent, I might logon to say hello. The last time I did this, it was to contact my former manager to ask if I could use him as a job reference.

Then, I look up the names of my own characters, to see how many other players have the same name as me. It makes me feel good to know that I’m the only person IN THE WORLD using the name of my main. (All three entries for my main are me). It is discouraging to know that my alt warrior I never play anymore has a name used by 112 other people .

Then I just start typing random names. For example, there are more Kurt Vonnegut fans than I expected. Charles Bukowski is also well represented in the WoWiverse . How about John Fante? Suprisingly more than I would expect. No question George Orwell and Ernest Hemingway are pretty popular. But even more popular than street fight legend Kimbo Slice? Apparently so.

Sadly, 1988 National League Rookie of the Year and Rec Specs icon Chris Sabo’s WoW presence is underwhelming at best. Former Dodger first baseman Steve Garvey has yet to establish a WoW presence. And Mike Tyson’s legacy as champion will be forever enshrined with this touching WoW tribute (one of those is my character).

In the political arena, Barack Obama proves his appeal, sizing a large block of the WoW demographic. But he just might yet have his hands full with likely contender John McCain . Meanwhile, current president George W. Bush struggles to garner support among Azerothians.

Down the Pipe

July 21, 2008

Mostly I’ve been using this blog to document my leveling in World of Warcraft. I’ve gotten a couple of hits, but it seems most people coming to this blog are looking for tips on leveling and gearing their Paladin.

For future updates, I’m planning to add more tips on my gear as well as how I managed to level (quests I did, instances I ran, etc).

I’m also working on a few articles regarding the game industry, mostly in regards to production. I’m not really sure if people are interested in that kind of stuff though. Until then, stay tuned, friendos.