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October 17, 2008

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I had a post I was working on.

It had a bunch of stuff, mostly about the new patch, Blizzcon, and some work updates.

Forget all that, because I’m about to flip it on you.

Originally, I was going to make a post about the new patch.  I was gonna talk about what an amazing spec Retribution has become.  I was gonna talk about how with the addition of Divine Storm and the new judgment system, your gameplay options are much wider than if you were playing something like Holy.

Again, forget all that.

I had fun with Ret.  For the less than 24 hours before the hotfix, I felt SUPERHUMAN.  Rogues were a joke.  Druids were a joke.  Warriors were a joke.  Hunters were a joke.  I’m sitting here, decked out in my healing gear with a couple of Ret pieces I picked up while I was leveling from 65-66 and I’m taking down Warriors like it don’t mean nothing.



0 for 5

August 14, 2008

I haven’t been PVPing that much lately. Even though I still need about 62,000 more honor points for all the gear I want/need. Awesome.

I’m just sick of losing BGs.

Yesterday’s BG daily was WSG. Normally I avoid WSG like the plague. But, I decided I was going to get that quest done.

I logged off and went to watch some TV after I went 0-5 on WSG.

I made a number of costly mistakes, and I don’t think I contributed to my teams as much as I could have. But I’m improving. However, I think I might have reached the limit of how much I can learn doing PUG groups. I rarely see other Holy Paladins anymore, and even still, I’m usually at the top of the “Healing Done” chart. I know that doesn’t mean anything really, BUT, if I’m the only one on my team healing, who am I supposed to look to for advice/guidance.

So I’m looking for two things:

A BG premade team – A support player is only as good as the people he supports. I’d really like to be able to play with a set team. I’m looking for an opportunity to learn proper strategy and working with a team.

HOLY Paladin Mentor – Someone who can show me how to maximize my game as a Holy Paladin.

If anyone on Tichondrius is looking for a Holy Paladin for PVP, let me know J

I’m determined to stick with this though. This has happened to me before on every character I’ve played. At some point, I just get so discouraged because I’m not “pwning face” in BGs that I go, “man, XXXXXX class sucks, I’m rolling a XXXXXXX.” So even though Druids are totally awesome, I’m not going to do it. I’m going to stick it out. Because running to another class has gotten me nowhere in the past.


August 4, 2008

Finally hit 70 on my Paladin.

It wasn’t easy. Trying to complete quests as Holy was a challenge. SO, I would up switching to Retribution for the last 10 bars I needed. In my mind, it went faster, and that’s all that matters to me.

When I hit 69, I finished up my quests in Nagrand. At this point I repec’d to a HOLYSHOCK build. I started running BGs heavily. I also did a couple of low-level instance runs so I could get some healing practice. I actually struggled through Underbog, which I’m like 5 levels above at this time. I blame myself, since I’ve on healed in BGs at this point. My +healing is shit at this point.

That was discouraging. I decide to do some more quests. Start in Shadowmoon Valley. Questing is hard; I do little damage and am getting shredded by mobs. I head to Blade’s Edge. Things are easier, but still, trying to level as Holy is taking a long time. I’m over ¼ of the way through 69.

Friday and Saturday, I do heavy BGs again, filled, while I grind Firewing Point for signets. This gets met to honored with Scryer’s and puts me at about half way through 69.

At this point, I recognize things are going VERY SLOW, so I pony up the gold and respect to Retribution. Even with my crappy ret gear, questing feels noticeably easier. I spend my time in Shadowmoon, completing quests till I’m about 5 bars from 70. At this point, Alliance gank patrols are rampant, and I’m being hunted down by groups of 70s on Netherdrakes. Not fun.

I decide to head back to Blade’s Edge and finish up my shit there. I finished up the quests at Mok’Nathal, and at this point I’m counting down after each mob. “I need 5 quests or 50 mobs.”

I finish up 2 quests and head over to turn them in. I turn in the first and I’m less than 1000 XP from 70. I’m now standing at Leoroxx, about to turn in “Slay the Brood Mother.” The anticipation . . . this quest will put me over the top. I click “Complete Quest” and . . . Your inventory is full. MOTHERFUCKER!

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July 29, 2008

Got sick so I didn’t work. Played some WoW. I actually like my job, so this was kind of lame, but gave me an opportunity to GSD.

I hit 68 running Slave Pens and Underbog. I decided to respect as a SHOCKADIN for some HOLY LIGHT HEALIN, DAWG. My current spec is THIS with the next 2 points going to Eye for an Eye and Sanctity Aura. I’m sitting at about 400 spellpower and 500 healing (with Holy Guidance) and while it’s pretty low, I really love this build. I spent the majority of the day healing in Battlegrounds, and while I had to deal with some idiots, it was fun to play as a PVP healer. Putting talent points into Retribution instead of Protection means this isn’t the ideal PVP healer build (you miss out on a lot of utility talents like Blessing of Kings) but it means I can heal pretty effectively and still do some decent damage.

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