I Recruited Myself

August 27, 2008

I was out sick from the office yesterday. So I bit the bullet and decided to try out WoW’s recruit a friend system.

I sent an invite to myself from my WoW account. Then I registered a new account using the key I received. This linked the two accounts together. Then I upgraded the trial account to a regular account for 19.99 through Blizzard’s digital upgrade. Luckily I’ve had an extra copy of TBC since launch, so I used that to upgrade it to a Burning Crusade account, even though it wasn’t necessary and I probably just wasted a copy of TBC.

I decided to level a Druid and Warlock combo. Both have ranged attacks. The Warlock has a pet that can tank. And the druid can heal. Much to my chagrin, I found that Tauren are not able to pickup quests at the blood elf starting area. So, after completing all the starting quests, I had a level 8 Blood Elf Warlock and a level 5 Druid.

So I ported my Druid back to the Tauren starting area, then created an Orc Shaman on the same account as a the Warlock. I then summoned the Orc Shaman to the Tauren starting area (luckily the Orc can share quests here) and got both the Druid and Shaman to level 8 before I logged off for the night.

Overall, even though I’m level 8, it was much faster leveling using the Recruit a Friend bonus XP. Normally once you complete all the starting quests, you are around level 5-6. I’m about 2 levels above that, and when I reached the next quest hub, some of the quests there were green to me.

As far as the setup and everything, going by stuff I’ve read from Dual-Boxing, I purchased a copy of Keyclone. I have dual monitors so I run two instances of WoW on the same machine (though if I wanted, I have a second computer I don’t use). It took a few minutes to setup keys and macros. Basically, I hit X and the second account starts to follow the main account. Hit Z and the second account assists the main account. I set shadow bolt, wrath, and lightning bolt to the E key, so when I cast it on my main, the secondary account will also cast at the same time. I then setup R so that the druid heals my main, and Shift-R to heal himself. It’s a pretty crude setup right now, but I’ll probably setup a system with focus targets and junk over the next few days.

Questing is the most difficult part of this setup, as I have to switch windows to pickup quest items and to turn in and accept quests. Also, the mouse is a little janky for some reason, and I sometimes spin out, though I have no clue why.

It will be pretty interesting to see how this plays out and it’s a good distraction from getting rolled on my Paladin in BGs. I’m just trying to get these guys to 60 before the expansion at this point, and I’m hoping that the 70-80 grind gets the same bump old content did at some point so I can get them to 70 and then eventually 80.

I think right now is probably the worst time to play WoW. With the next expansion looming on the horizon, it seems like nothing you do really matters. While I don’t think that we are going to see people going from purple to green like we did with the release of Burning Crusade, I’m sure I’ll be able to pick up some decent new gear in Northrend, so I’m not too concerned with that.



August 6, 2008

So . . .  this new Recruit-A-Friend scheme from Blizzard.

It sounds VERY tempting.  BUT, I think I’m going to have to restrain myself or I stand to lose quite a bit of money.

Reading some blue posts, it appears as if Blizzard isn’t 100% clear on the level cap for the free levels and triple XP.  Triple XP for the 1-60 grind is nothing, really.  I would just want the triple XP bonus in Outlands, since Outlands is a bitch for me to level.

I guess the limiting factor is how long it takes me to level up my first character.  If I could get a new character from 1-70, with my limited playtime, in around a week, I’d probably hop on this.  I already have 2 accounts (I’m lame, I know), so I would create a third account.  I’d link Account 2 with Account 3 using Refer-A-Friend, then use my Paladin to level them up.

What would be cool is if you could give out gift levels to characters past 60, LOL.  I’d level a character to 60 if I could use those 30 free gift levels to level up my warrior and rogue from 60 to 70 instantly.

But overall, I’m 99.9% sure I’m NOT going to do any of this, since I don’t have the time, PLUS, honestly, with the upcoming WARHAMMER release, who knows if I’ll even be playing WoW?


August 4, 2008

Finally hit 70 on my Paladin.

It wasn’t easy. Trying to complete quests as Holy was a challenge. SO, I would up switching to Retribution for the last 10 bars I needed. In my mind, it went faster, and that’s all that matters to me.

When I hit 69, I finished up my quests in Nagrand. At this point I repec’d to a HOLYSHOCK build. I started running BGs heavily. I also did a couple of low-level instance runs so I could get some healing practice. I actually struggled through Underbog, which I’m like 5 levels above at this time. I blame myself, since I’ve on healed in BGs at this point. My +healing is shit at this point.

That was discouraging. I decide to do some more quests. Start in Shadowmoon Valley. Questing is hard; I do little damage and am getting shredded by mobs. I head to Blade’s Edge. Things are easier, but still, trying to level as Holy is taking a long time. I’m over ¼ of the way through 69.

Friday and Saturday, I do heavy BGs again, filled, while I grind Firewing Point for signets. This gets met to honored with Scryer’s and puts me at about half way through 69.

At this point, I recognize things are going VERY SLOW, so I pony up the gold and respect to Retribution. Even with my crappy ret gear, questing feels noticeably easier. I spend my time in Shadowmoon, completing quests till I’m about 5 bars from 70. At this point, Alliance gank patrols are rampant, and I’m being hunted down by groups of 70s on Netherdrakes. Not fun.

I decide to head back to Blade’s Edge and finish up my shit there. I finished up the quests at Mok’Nathal, and at this point I’m counting down after each mob. “I need 5 quests or 50 mobs.”

I finish up 2 quests and head over to turn them in. I turn in the first and I’m less than 1000 XP from 70. I’m now standing at Leoroxx, about to turn in “Slay the Brood Mother.” The anticipation . . . this quest will put me over the top. I click “Complete Quest” and . . . Your inventory is full. MOTHERFUCKER!

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69 DUDE!

August 1, 2008

My goal was only to get ¾ of the way through 68, but once I turned in my quests, I had like 2 ½ bars to go, so I just said F’ it and hit 69.

This puts me in somewhat of a precarious position, since I’m not really 100% sure where to go from here. Questing is HARD. I had a really tough time in Shadowmoon Valley. I tried leveling in Blade’s Edge, but for some reason there were only like, 4 quests at Thunderforge Hold or whatever it’s called. PLUS, I’m only at about 484 spell damage as well, so my shit is FUCKED son.

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Keeping Motivated – Paladin Update 66 and 1/4

July 24, 2008

As the title of this post implies, I’m currently ¼ of the way through 66. I haven’t played at all this week, save for about an hour and 30 minutes last night. It hasn’t’ been an issue with time, either.

One of the central issues in my life, and this extends to WoW, is getting motivated to do things. In a sick and pathetic way, WoW is one of the few “hobbies” I’ve kept up for an extended period of time. The key to this, I think, is making sure I don’t take this game too seriously.

Over the past few days, WoW started feeling like my second job. So I had to take a couple of days off from playing.

The key to keeping motivated is to always remember the big picture goal, while at the same time re-evaluating and updating your smaller goals. My big picture goal is hitting 70, but in doing so, I need to build an infrastructure for end-game success. This means, learning to play my class effectively, building a network of in-game friends, and getting sufficiently geared. This all sounds pretty sad and pathetic, but it’s true. The best players in this game aren’t just skilled players . . . they also have a network of people they can rely on for support. Read the rest of this entry »

Scarlet Monastery – Where Dreams Come True

July 21, 2008

I first solo’d Scarlet Monastery at level 38. It’s not something I recommend, as it’s much easier and more efficient for players to level through questing, especially with the amount of XP you receive from quests in “new” Azeroth. It’s not easy, and you can really only solo the first sections of Library and Armory. Cathedral is too hard at this level. Graveyard might be doable, but I never ran it.

First off, at level 38, you need to be prot spec, of course. I believe THIS was my build. The key talents are Reckoning, Redoubt, Blessing of Sanctuary, and Improved Righteous Fury. Important to note is that the tool-tip for Righteous Fury is broken and does not update when you put points into Improved RF. This might freak you out because you feel like you just wasted 3 talent points, but it’s there.

It’s been a long time, so I can’t give specific gear info. At this point, I had level 70s running me through instances, so a lot of my gear was blue mail items from various instances. As long as you have decent stamina though, you should be okay. In addition, a quick 1H sword and shield is a must. Aim for a 2.00 speed sword. Also, you ABSOLUTELY need a shield spike. If you can afford it, throw a thorium shield spike. With redoubt up, you will be doing a lot of blocking, so you want to be doing additional damage from that as well.

Keep in mind that I play as a blood elf, which gives me access to Arcane Torrent. Arcane Torrent is INVALUABLE as a prot pally, because basically your only interrupt is Hammer of Justice on a 1 minute cooldown. There are a lot of healers in SM so it might be impossible to run this as alliance at this point.

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Paladin Update – Still 64

July 18, 2008

Not much to report. I played for about an hour and 45 minutes last night. Once again, VERY rough going as a retribution paladin. More than once, I seriously considered ending this experiment and switching back to Protection.

I’m about halfway through 64 at this point. I don’t think my goal of reaching 66 by Monday is attainable, as I’ve got plans for the weekend so I won’t be able to play much. Add to that, I am almost out of rested XP, so it’s going to take double the time. So far, I’ve been able to get about 5 bars an hour, taking me 10 hours to level up. With rested XP gone, I’m estimating 20 hours per level. Of course, since I don’t play much, I’ll probably increase my rested XP along the way.

That’s actually a huge chunk of time if you break it down. I figure it’ll take me a week for each level, playing 2 hours a night during the week, plus another 10 hours over the weekend. As long as I hit 70 by the time the expansion drops, I’m golden.

ANYWAYS, things didn’t go as smoothly as I had hoped last night. I was struggling as a ret pally, having to deal with being out of mana at very inopportune times. Honestly, it’s like playing my rogue again. Except I’m also paying for water. And once again, life wasn’t made any easier by the level 70 alliance gankers. One hunter in particular was able to gank people inside of Stonebreaker Hold without being attacked by the guards.

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