LowTotem.com >> The Server Situation, Gold Buying, and Protection Spec Leveling

October 21, 2008

Another new post over at the new site.  I talk about gold buying, server stablity, and my experience leveling a protection spec warrior.

Check it out at LOWTOTEM.COM


LowTotem.com >> Patch 3.0 Builds – Warrior and Paladin

October 20, 2008

New post over at the new site.  Unfortunately, this blog gets more traffic than the actual site, so I’m trying to re-route traffic over there 😦

ANYWAYS, new post deals with the builds I’m running as a Holy Paladin and Protection Warrior with the new Patch 3.0.2 content.

Lowtotem.com>> Return to the Light

October 17, 2008

The entirety of this post can be read at http://lowtotem.com/site/2008/10/return-to-the-light/

I had a post I was working on.

It had a bunch of stuff, mostly about the new patch, Blizzcon, and some work updates.

Forget all that, because I’m about to flip it on you.

Originally, I was going to make a post about the new patch.  I was gonna talk about what an amazing spec Retribution has become.  I was gonna talk about how with the addition of Divine Storm and the new judgment system, your gameplay options are much wider than if you were playing something like Holy.

Again, forget all that.

I had fun with Ret.  For the less than 24 hours before the hotfix, I felt SUPERHUMAN.  Rogues were a joke.  Druids were a joke.  Warriors were a joke.  Hunters were a joke.  I’m sitting here, decked out in my healing gear with a couple of Ret pieces I picked up while I was leveling from 65-66 and I’m taking down Warriors like it don’t mean nothing.


Lowtotem.com >> I Like WARHAMMER

September 20, 2008

Quick post of my intial thoughts on Warhammer up over at the new site.

Post Preview:  WARHAMMER is pretty fun.

I Recruited Myself

August 27, 2008

I was out sick from the office yesterday. So I bit the bullet and decided to try out WoW’s recruit a friend system.

I sent an invite to myself from my WoW account. Then I registered a new account using the key I received. This linked the two accounts together. Then I upgraded the trial account to a regular account for 19.99 through Blizzard’s digital upgrade. Luckily I’ve had an extra copy of TBC since launch, so I used that to upgrade it to a Burning Crusade account, even though it wasn’t necessary and I probably just wasted a copy of TBC.

I decided to level a Druid and Warlock combo. Both have ranged attacks. The Warlock has a pet that can tank. And the druid can heal. Much to my chagrin, I found that Tauren are not able to pickup quests at the blood elf starting area. So, after completing all the starting quests, I had a level 8 Blood Elf Warlock and a level 5 Druid.

So I ported my Druid back to the Tauren starting area, then created an Orc Shaman on the same account as a the Warlock. I then summoned the Orc Shaman to the Tauren starting area (luckily the Orc can share quests here) and got both the Druid and Shaman to level 8 before I logged off for the night.

Overall, even though I’m level 8, it was much faster leveling using the Recruit a Friend bonus XP. Normally once you complete all the starting quests, you are around level 5-6. I’m about 2 levels above that, and when I reached the next quest hub, some of the quests there were green to me.

As far as the setup and everything, going by stuff I’ve read from Dual-Boxing, I purchased a copy of Keyclone. I have dual monitors so I run two instances of WoW on the same machine (though if I wanted, I have a second computer I don’t use). It took a few minutes to setup keys and macros. Basically, I hit X and the second account starts to follow the main account. Hit Z and the second account assists the main account. I set shadow bolt, wrath, and lightning bolt to the E key, so when I cast it on my main, the secondary account will also cast at the same time. I then setup R so that the druid heals my main, and Shift-R to heal himself. It’s a pretty crude setup right now, but I’ll probably setup a system with focus targets and junk over the next few days.

Questing is the most difficult part of this setup, as I have to switch windows to pickup quest items and to turn in and accept quests. Also, the mouse is a little janky for some reason, and I sometimes spin out, though I have no clue why.

It will be pretty interesting to see how this plays out and it’s a good distraction from getting rolled on my Paladin in BGs. I’m just trying to get these guys to 60 before the expansion at this point, and I’m hoping that the 70-80 grind gets the same bump old content did at some point so I can get them to 70 and then eventually 80.

I think right now is probably the worst time to play WoW. With the next expansion looming on the horizon, it seems like nothing you do really matters. While I don’t think that we are going to see people going from purple to green like we did with the release of Burning Crusade, I’m sure I’ll be able to pick up some decent new gear in Northrend, so I’m not too concerned with that.

Blizzcon, Walmart and McDonalds

August 12, 2008

Who’s going to BLIZZCON?

Not many people apparently. At least, that’s what Blizzard must have assumed.

I’m pretty sure that by now, most people are familiar with the legendary FAIL that has become the Blizzcon ticket ordering system. In an apparent lack of foresight, the servers hosting the Blizzard online store were crushed under the might of thousands of rabid fans. The store was taken down and subsequently reopened about 3 or 4 times yesterday, each time prompting a flood of angry posts to the official website forums.

I was one of the lucky ones.

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August 6, 2008

So . . .  this new Recruit-A-Friend scheme from Blizzard.

It sounds VERY tempting.  BUT, I think I’m going to have to restrain myself or I stand to lose quite a bit of money.

Reading some blue posts, it appears as if Blizzard isn’t 100% clear on the level cap for the free levels and triple XP.  Triple XP for the 1-60 grind is nothing, really.  I would just want the triple XP bonus in Outlands, since Outlands is a bitch for me to level.

I guess the limiting factor is how long it takes me to level up my first character.  If I could get a new character from 1-70, with my limited playtime, in around a week, I’d probably hop on this.  I already have 2 accounts (I’m lame, I know), so I would create a third account.  I’d link Account 2 with Account 3 using Refer-A-Friend, then use my Paladin to level them up.

What would be cool is if you could give out gift levels to characters past 60, LOL.  I’d level a character to 60 if I could use those 30 free gift levels to level up my warrior and rogue from 60 to 70 instantly.

But overall, I’m 99.9% sure I’m NOT going to do any of this, since I don’t have the time, PLUS, honestly, with the upcoming WARHAMMER release, who knows if I’ll even be playing WoW?